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Q: What about those hood/helmet systems?

LaPorte Seamless Gutter has been sent hundreds of different gutter protection systems to test and try out in various ways over the years. The guards we offer are the ones that have performed the best over the past few decades with the fewest callbacks/complaints. This is a major reason we do not install “hood or helmet” type systems. The “as seen on TV” products that are supposed to allow the water to travel into the gutter via a small opening at the front of the gutter fail more often than not. The debris is just supposed to fall off the front end of the gutter; unfortunately most small debris travels with the water into the system, either plugging the slot or clogging the gutter itself at the downspout. Even though these systems can cost upwards of 25 dollars a foot, we’ve been asked to take FAR too many of them off because the company that installed them won’t come back and service the failed system.

Hoods and helmets block off most of the gutter and have an opening of about three-eights of an inch or larger to let rain water in. These systems depend on surface adhesion, that is water ‘sticking’ to the surface, in order to function. In a medium to large sized storm, raindrops break the surface adhesion, causing the water to shed off the system like you don’t even have a gutter! During the winter snow melt off, water does not obtain enough speed to follow the curve of the hood and enter into the gutter. The water drips off the hood and forms huge icicles. What happens after a hot summer cloudburst? Much like the streets and roofs, the gutter system steams, and inside the hood it is a mini sauna! NO air can get in or out, causing condensation to take place. Over a period of time all this moisture rots the roof decking and wood fascia boards.

No gutter guard or leaf protection system is intended to be a totally maintenance-free system, so we recommend occasional inspection and removal of surface debris to maintain peak performance. While we continue to believe there is no 100% maintenance free gutter guard system, we offer a few time-tested products which provide the best protection on the market. Depending on the types of leaves and debris you need to keep out, the type of roof that you have, and your budget, we can help you make the choice between our LeafBeater, Leaf Relief and Leaf Solution, so that you are getting the right product for your home.