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Tired of the risk and agony of cleaning your gutters? Introducing the LeafBeater gutter protection system from LaPorte Seamless Gutter. This system offers a two step process that helps to eliminate cleanings, letting you enjoy more free time.

First step: take care of the large debris; leaves, sticks, twigs, and acorns. Our installers slip the back of the guard under the shingle, locking the front stiffner bar to the lip of the gutter, then securing with stainless steel screws to prevent removal by winds or animals.

Second step: take care of smaller materials that wash through the screen. When the rain quits, water flows out of the gutter leaving behind the heavier debris. These materials dry out, mat together and flow to the downspout, plugging the outlet causing the gutter to overflow. Installing 3×4 inch downspouts, which have an opening almost twice the size of regular downspouts, allows all the small debris to be washed out. No clogging – EVER!

Our expanded wire leaf guard is manufactured from heavy weight (.019″) aluminum, designed with thousands of 3/16 inch holes to keep out these large items, yet lets in the heaviest of rains. Made from aluminum, our guard will not rust or deteriorate. Formed to fit, it blends with the roof line to add beauty to your home.

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LeafBeater is twice as effective—at half the cost—from one of northern Indiana’s oldest and most trusted gutter companies, LaPorte Seamless Gutter.

Want a guard that does everything Leaf Beater does, but is much less noticeable? Introducing Black Magic by Laporte Seamless Gutter:

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