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Get quick relief from leaves and debris with Leaf Relief, Alcoa’s patented gutter protection. When LaPorte Seamless Gutter installs Leaf Relief, you put an end to clogs, overflows, and gutter cleaning with a system that is virtually invisible from below. Leaf Relief comes with a 25 year no clog warranty from Alcoa as long as the installer is certified by Leaf Relief. LaPorte Seamless Gutter is a certified Leaf Relief installer. Here is a scan of our certification:
Leaf Relief offers exceptional volume capacity, capable of draining 301 inches of water per hour. That’s at least 25 times more flow than most competitors. Leaf Relief is effective against leaves, twigs, pine needles and small debris. Most ordinary dry debris is cleared from the surface with a gentle 6 mph breeze, while wet debris is removed with a 23 mph wind.

Leaf Relief’s solid aluminum construction eliminates rusting, distortion, or painting, making this product a viable long-term solution as a gutter protection system. Practically invisible from the ground and made to fit most gutter systems, Leaf Relief is available for both 5 and 6 inch gutters. The self-sealing flexible flap makes for a perfect fit every time. Mounted securely with stainless steel screws, it stays firmly in place to resist high winds, ladder damage, and pest invasion.

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Leaf Relief—from one of northern Indiana’s oldest and most trusted gutter companies, LaPorte Seamless Gutter.

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