> Classic: 5″ Residential

Tired of water in your basement, stains on your walls, and ruined landscaping? The Classic system is our most popular rain carrying system. It features five inch continuous gutter and 2×3 inch downspouts. Our gutters are made from heavy-weight (.032″) aluminum, then installed with our Dura-Screw hangers placed every twenty four inches for maximum strength.

The Classic system is available in over one hundred of today’s most popular colors, fifteen of which we stock at LaPorte Seamless Gutter. Matching your overhang or siding color is never a problem.

Made and installed to the highest standards, these continuous gutters will last for many years. This rain carrying system is designed to carry loads of leaves and debris, as well as heavy loads of ice and snow without damage. Our crews have miles of installation experience under their belts, water testing each piece installed. It takes us longer this way, but we are patient people. We do whatever it takes to do the job right.

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Five Year Warranty

  • Tear down from Ice/50 MPH Wind/Snow
  • Leaking
  • Buckling due to expansion

Twenty Year Warranty

  • Paint chipping or flaking
  • Twenty Year Life Expectancy on our Sealer
  • Every piece water tested to ensure flow
  • Counter flashing included at no extra cost