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LaPorte Seamless Gutter Sno-Bar on Metal Roof


The winter months are filled with snow and ice, but as winter draws to a close, the sun returns and heats up your roof. While asphalt shingles can absorb heat relatively well, metal roofs are a different story. On a metal roof, once the snow and ice start to melt, it tends to refreeze, creating a precarious hazard waiting to break loose and slide down the metal roof with a high enough impact that it can damage everything in its way. Unfortunately, the main “thing” that ice and snow impact is your gutter system. 

Protection For Metal Roofs

Fortunately, LaPorte Seamless Gutter has you covered! Our Sno-Bar systems are designed to keep the ice and snow in place on your metal roof so that the sun can do its job over time, preventing those ice and snow loads from sliding down the roof and damaging the gutter (as well as anything else below like air conditioners, electrical boxes, or the lower rooflines of the home).

Sno-Bar Customization And Impressive Warranties

While some companies offer a snow bar that is 29-gauge and only 1”, designed to last only a season or two, LaPorte Seamless Gutter’s Sno-Bar system is crafted out of heavy, 26-gauge 2” or 3” steel. Sno-Bar comes in 23 different colors with an incredible 40-year warranty against the paint chipping, 30-year against any chalking or fade, and an industry leading 20-year Rust-Through warranty.

Our Sno-Bar system is designed by our experts for each individual job that we do, ensuring the correct color, size, and installation method for any slope of metal roof that you have.

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